Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer

Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer


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Our clever best selling Tan Maximizer range ! This lightweight, fast-penetrating, after sun face & body lotion gives a delicious, soothing sensation while an exclusive technology helps intensify melanin production, even without sun exposure, to prolong the tan. Skin is soft, supple better prepared for subsequent sun exposure. The tan is beautiful, radiant, longer-lasting.

When do you need it ?

Use after sun exposure to calm, soothe and moisturize the skin. Use for at least 2 weeks after your return.

Beauty tips

Apply generoulsy to face after sun exposure, for at least 4 days, to increase your tan. For the ultimate refreshing experience, keep your after sun care in the fridge.

Innovative technology

Soothing Moisturizer contains some Heliosome, an exclusive tan booster Lancaster complex that help the skin's recovery process by stimulating melanin production, naturally enhancing tanning by up to 50% to 80%. A unique soothing complex calms skin recently exposed to sun for instant comfort. Active hydrating properties re-moisturize dehydrated skin and reduce the risk of peeling, leaving the skin supple and silky-smooth.

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