SPF performance

The sun protection factor (SPF) to a relative scale of classification of solar products according to their protection against UV.  The higher the protection index, the higher the protection will be. The SPF is used to avoid the harmful effects of UV (aging of the skin, sunburn ...) if applied correctly.


As an example, the fairest and most vulnerable skin tones must use the highest protection index (50 or 50+) in order to avoid reapplying protection every 10 minutes.


NB:  Sun protection formulas shield skin from UVBs and to a lesser extent UVAs yet they do not block all of the ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to skin. Sunscreen should be used for regular sun exposition and absolutely not for increasing exposure.  


When choosing the right sun protection index two points should be considered, sun sensitivity and sunshine conditions.


Fair skin


Even with little sun exposure fair skin often burns easily, tanning little or even not at all.


Beauty prescription:


SPF 50 or 50+ sun care reapplied every two hours or even every hour in strongest sunlight conditions like in the mountains or tropic, or during extended outdoor activities.


Medium skin


Medium skin tones tan after a few days of sun exposure but can also be subject to sunburn.


Beauty prescription:


SPF 15 to 25 sun care applied every two hours in average sunlight.  If sunlight conditions are intense use SPF 50 or 50+ (mountains or tropics), or during extended outdoor activities.



Dark skin


Dark skin tones tan easily and rapidly and are rarely are subject to sunburn.


Beauty prescription:


SPF 10 sun care will suffice in average sunlight if reapplied regularly.  Under more intense sunlight conditions sun care should be increased to SPF 30 to 50.