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#Beauty Highlight

Baby it’s Cold Outside so Protect your Skin

Go for rich textures


When it’s cold outside skin can feel tight, dry and irritated.  Use rich creams.  Unless you live in the tropics, airy gels and light fluid textures should hibernate for a few months until the clement weather returns.  Creamy textures give comfort and keep skin supple.  Makeup also has a better finish and will last longer.


Our recommendation:  Total Age Correction  Amplified Rich Day Cream SPF 15

Tender loving care


The weather outside is frightful so treat your skin with care!  Be gentle, with or without water, and especially when towel drying.  Hard water is already hard on skin, depleting moisture, and abrasive movements are just going to make your skin turn red.  Use cotton pads to delicately blot away the day’s impurities.


Our recommendation:  Comforting Cleansing Milk

SPF, don’t go out without it


UV rays continue tainting your complexion, accelerating cutaneous aging, even in winter.  When you’re in the city choose a day cream with SPF.  And if you’re up in the mountains or on the slopes you’ll need a stronger shield, to be re-applied several times a day.  Snow reflects sunburn-causing UV rays so always keep your skin protected!


Our recommendation:  365 Skin Repair Day Cream + Sun Sport Invisible Face Mist SPF 30

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