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The Best Winter Skincare is Mix and Match

#Beauty Highlight

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By Juliette Vergnaud

For beautiful skin, the right products are good but putting them together is even better. Environmental pollution, blue light and UVs are all present in winter even with the low temperatures. Identify the problems and track them down for a glowing complexion even on the coldest days.

In the city

The cold can dry out skin so for urban dwellers hydration is the best bet. Counter environmental pollution with a multi protection cream that also boosts your natural complexion.


The perfect skincare combination:


Early-Age-Delay Day Cream, Skin Life: a true anti-pollution shield and the ideal formula to maintain clear smooth skin.


Sun-Kissed Drops, 365 Sunless: boost your complexion and mix it with your day cream, or apply it after treatment for that “just got back from vacation” look.

Under the Sun

For those who prefer to escape the cold harsh climates, UV protection is the golden rule.  In winter, skin is not prepared for intensive sun exposure so always use high SPF.


The perfect skincare combination:


Radiant Glow Fluid Anti-Wrinkles and Dark Spots SPF 50, Sun Control:  a pleasure to apply with an instantly penetrating texture.


BB Body Cream SFP15 Instant Natural Glow, 365 Sunless:  apply it daily to activate tanning and erase skin irregularities.  And if you’re up in the mountains it’s a cosmetic first aid kit for unsightly mask marks on your face.

Sweet Sunshine

Enjoy the shore in winter but be careful, wind and cold will minimize the feeling of heat on your skin.  Protect your skin and tan gently to get all of the benefits of the ocean spray.


The perfect skincare combination:


Invisible Compact cream SPF 50, Sun sensitive:  Ultra-portable, keep it in your bag for easy touch ups all day long.


Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer Repairing After Sun:  a clever treatment that calms sun exposed skin and gives it a progressive light tone.

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