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A Comprehensive Skincare Routine for Fall

Holidays are over as are the final hot days of summer, and suddenly your skin seems to have particular needs.  After long lazy days in the sun your skin requires soothing care to refine texture and regenerate cells.  Prolong the facial benefits of summer through a daily detox routine with formulas that boost hydration and glow.  Here’s how with Lancaster Skin Life.

Day:  3 steps to brightness

Give your skin a wake-up call with a gentle moisturizing cleanser that leaves skin perfectly soft.



Begin by gently eliminating dead skin cells to prepare the epidermis for treatment.  Use Skin Life Detoxifying Cleansing Foam every morning for perfectly clean skin (if you prefer no rinse products you can alternate with micellar cleanser).  Simply lather up a small dose of product before rinsing with water, to be followed by your day cream.



To heighten day cream effect we recommend beginning with a serum, like Skin Life Hydra Serum.  After 4 weeks of use skin is visibly fresh and luminous!  An ultra-light oil free texture lets you apply day cream immediately after treatment.

Continue with a clarifying and hydrating combination of Skin Life Early Age Delay Eye Cream and Early Age Delay Day Cream.  Enriched with Oxygen Fix System Technology and Anti-Pollution Complex both products protect skin from atmospheric and digital (blue light) pollution.



End your morning skincare routine with a protective, unifying and illuminating base, Skin Life Shield & Glow Primer 2 in 1 SPF30.  Then, if you feel like it, you can apply makeup.

Night:  Accelerate skin regeneration

Cells regenerate during sleep.  To help your skin do its job treat it to skincare rich in high tech active ingredients.


Cleansing is essential.  Skin absorbs skincare when it is perfectly cleansed and purified.  After using cleansing foam, micellar water or cleansing milk, give it a boost!


Combine Skin Life Hydra Serum with Night Recovery Cream, enriched with the Oxygen Fix System Technology, which helps skin cells regenerate, repulps and fights the first signs of aging.

For skin that’s ideally clarified, rejuvenated and soft, try to get to bed before 11 PM and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

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