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Pollution: Protect your Skin

#Beauty Highlight

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By Juliette Vergnaud

Skin irregularities, dull complexion and redness, all signs of cutaneous reaction to environmental pollution. Time to take action with a daily skincare routine that’s gentle and protects.

Morning purification

During the night your skin’s hydrolipid film reconstructs while toxins are eliminated leaving your face shiny in the morning. 


Avoid harsh products that can strip your skin because your complexion needs a barrier to face daily aggressions.


The steps to good skincare:



Alternate cleansing lotion and foaming gel (Detoxifying Cleansing foam, Skin Life), and apply gently without rubbing.


A must for smooth skin. Choose a cream that’s tailored to your skin type or opt for a multi-action treatment (Early Age Delay Day Cream, Skin Life), moisturizing, anti-age and a barrier against external aggressions.


Don’t forget your fragile eye zone (Early Age Delay Eye Cream). Apply gently with fingertips to activate micro-circulation.

Anti-pollution filter:

Maximize the effects of your daily skincare routine with an active primer (Shield & Glow Primer 2-in-1 SPF 30, Skin Life) which includes UV protection and is the perfect base for make-up.

Daily protection

Food plays an important role in quality of your skin. 


Your skin’s best allies during the day are foods filled with vitamin C and E which help to keep it smooth and luminous through the evening. 


By reinforcing your natural defences, vitamins act as an antioxidant barrier and diminish cutaneous aging.

Night relief

After hours of fighting external aggressions your skin needs a rest. 


Give it a helping hand by eliminating impurities and residues that have settled on the epidermis.  Ideally, gentle cleansing (Detoxifying Cleansing Foam, Skin Life) should be followed up with a comforting treatment. 


And try to get to bed before midnight for better recuperation.

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