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Self-Tanning Tips

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A year round tan year can be reality. With a little help from the right products and a bit of know-how, it’s easy to have that sunny touch on your complexion and body while avoiding dangerous UVs. Our fool proof method for radiant results.

Preparing your skin

A self-tanning ritual is more than simply applying a DHA enriched treatment. For best results, accompany it with a year-round skin care routine.

- Exfoliate: Before the self-tanning treatment eliminate dead skin cells. Self-tanners perform better on a refined skin texture, with luminous results. You’ll also avoid unsightly streaks.

- Moisturize: Moist and resilient skin facilitates self-tanner application, the product will be easier to administer. And the effect will last longer. Prefer gel treatments to avoid an oily film which can interfere with how the self-tanner penetrates your skin.


Our advice:  Let your skin rest for at least 15 minutes between each step to avoid overworking it (especially if you have sensitive skin).


Once your skin is ready all you have to do is delicately apply the self-tanning treatment. Empower yourself with patience and thoroughness.

- Technique: Always use circular movements to obtain an even tone. For facial application, begin with the T zone, using your fingertips. Blend outward to your ears and don’t forget your neck.


You can combine a few drops of self-tanner with body lotion or moisturizer to facilitate the application (for more progressive results).

- Specific zones: Dryer skin on knees and elbows needs special attention as the product can act differently and leave a deeper shade. Use sparingly on eyebrows or avoid the area entirely as it can be difficult to obtain even results.


Our advice: Wash hands well with soap immediately after application if you don’t use latex gloves to apply your treatment. Otherwise your secret will be revealed by the unsightly marks on your fingers!

Make it last

After your first application the desired golden tint should gradually appear.

- Intensity :  Renew the application process every 3 days or even daily if you want to look like you just got back from the tropics.

- Maintenance :  As soon as you’ve obtained that perfect shade, the one that makes you jump at any occasion to show off your legs, adapt your self-tanning routine with an application every 5 or 6 days.


Our advice:  Self-tanner creates an artificial tan and doesn’t protect you skin from harmful UV rays.  Always use an SPF cream in the event of sun exposure.

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24 hours of beauty for a gorgeous festival

Reveal your glow with Lancaster Guide for an outstanding tan.


Reveal your glow with Lancaster Guide for an outstanding tan.

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Reveal your glow with Lancaster Guide for an outstanding tan.

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