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Skincare for all Seasons

#Beauty Highlight

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By Juliette Vergnaud

Between summer sunshine and winter frost, skin will face weather variations which can cause redness, roughness and even dull complexion. For beautiful luminous skin all year round adapt your skincare to seasonal conditions.



Skin needs nutrition in autumn and winter because cold weather can be drying.  Skin can even lose elasticity and become flaky.


The best treatment


A rich cream to soften skin and give it all the nourishment it needs:  Skin Repair SPF 15, 365.


Careful:  just because the sun is hidden behind the clouds doesn’t mean that UVs aren’t there!  Always protect your skin, even in winter.


Delicate toning to calm cold-irritated skin:  Comforting Perfecting Toner.


Eye cream to protect the fragile zone and minimize lines:  Early-Age Delay Eye Cream, Skinlife.


Gentle exfoliator to optimize skincare benefits:  Flash Smoothing Scrub.



When temperatures climb dehydration follows.  Cool down your skin and gorge it with water.  UVs oxidize the epidermis so give skin the powerful protection it needs to avoid pigmentation, sunburn and premature aging.


The best treatment


A light moisture cream that instantly melts into skin:  Crème du jour, Aquamilk.

Sun protection that’s easy to bring along to avoid redness after an hour outdoors:  Crème visage anti-rides et taches SPF 50, Sun Control.


Our advice:  When the weather warms up, be wary of the first nice sunny days.  At the end of winter your skin is no longer accustomed to sun exposure so always have SPF protection in a portable format ready for use.

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