Gentle transition


If our holiday is very limited we'll tend to want to expose ourselves to the sun as much as possible - but we should be careful of sunburn!


Don't forget to prepare your skin by taking a course of dietary supplements at least a month before your trip. You should take capsules rich in evening primrose and borrage oils to minimise skin dryness, and those containing high concentrations of vitamines E and C for their anti-oxidant effects.



Maximal protection


Once you arrive, be absolutely sure to avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Any in any case, the use of high protection solar cream is essential. Apply cream with a solar protection factor or 50 or more a number of times during the course of the day.


If you're enjoying the sun at the high altitudes of the ski slopes, don't think that sun protection in unnecessary. Remember that the higher the altitudes, the more intense the UV radiation.



Please note:


Protection of the lips and the ears - sensitive areas - is too often neglected! You should have a portable product, such as a stick with a high SPF, with you at all times. And make sure to use it repeatedly throughout the day. Keep your repairing balm for the evening.