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#Light Style

Interior Design: Solar Atmosphere

Elisabeth Leroy


Original wall decor that adapts to all rooms, an aquatic wallpaper mural by Elisabeth Leroy will enchant your home with a year round interior seaside vacation.  Your view of the shore is now on the inside!  Emerald Sea wallpaper, printed to size.


For further information :


Photo : © Elizabeth Leroy / Sam Bishop Taylor

Au Fil des couleurs


This French studio works with some of the greatest wallpaper editors creating alluring motifs for your walls.  A beautiful selection of exotic wallpaper designs with brilliant colors and lovely illustrations that make us want to redecorate with the sun!  We fall for the Banana Tree pattern, based on a painting by American landscape artist Frederic Edwin Church, with extraordinary shadow and light effects.


For furher information :


Photo : © Au fil des couleurs

Isidore Leroy


A historical French wallpaper brand, founded in 1842 and relaunched 2 years ago by a team of young designers, helps to personalize your ceiling.  Ciel is a ceiling covering that can be made to measure to the dimensions of your room.  The sky is blue every day, morning and evening, with optional birds, shooting stars, and moon to light up your nights.  We also love the Dune collection, inspired by marine landscapes and the Atlantic coast’s fine sand and pine groves.  The 3 meter wide motif will broaden your interior as well as your perspective…


For further informations :  


Photo : © Isidore Leroy

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