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La Roya

#Light Style

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By Katia Kulawick-Assante

Sunrays slip delicately under the parasol pines. The lapping sound of water on the sandy beach. Facing the green garden, the light of the swimming pool reflects towards the horizon.

Within this dreamy atmosphere chef David Chauvac is at the helm.  Originally from Cannes, he has dropped off his luggage and recipe books in the kitchen of the La Roya Hotel in Saint-Florent, located in northern Corsica. 


On the restaurant menu, having earned a coveted Michelin star, light and refined dishes will make your mouth water:  lobster with brocciu, sea bass and mango maki, tapioca with chia, honey ice cream maki, rice pudding with saffron from the Agraites, etc.

The list of local Isle of Beauty delicacies is long and the chef enjoys sourcing suppliers as close as possible, from producer directly to the table:  citron, veal, fresh fish, jams, saffron, honey, cheeses, etc. 


“My bases are in Provence but I try not to abuse it.  I love putting regional cuisine into the spotlight…  I have travelled so much these past few years, to Japan in particular.  I love fusing all of this together because cooking is a mixture, just like the rest of the world.  Today everyone wants to travel, even when dining.”


 La Roya Hotel and Restaurant

Address: Route de la Plage, 20217 Saint-Florent

Telephone: 04 95 37 00 40


Photo : © La Roya

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