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Slow life: Three ideas for taking the time to live

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And what if the secret for improving one's quality of life were simply to slow down? That what the Slow Life concept proposes. Stop trying to run in all directions at the same time and start to focus on your most profound desires. This active slowness concept is equally relevant to a person's professional and personal life. Three ideas for taming this indolence and for taking advantage of each moment...

With exercise


It's well known that stress oxygenates the skin but too much stress can, on the other hand, damage the organism and provoke a variety of disorders. Listen to your body! Anchor yourself in the present moment and perform activities that enable you to become aware of your environment.



Going for a walk in order to enjoy the scenery and to concentrate on your breathing; riding a horse to develop balance and patience.



Pilates allows you to work on your breathing, precision, and endurance. It's a gentle method that doesn't put your joints under strain but has, nonetheless, a profound effect.

Yoga is still the great classic for wellbeing. It's worth trying all of the different forms of yoga - from the most meditative to the most dynamic. Choose your form as a function of your disposition.





With reading


To establish a new way of life, or simply to develop a few new habits, take the recommendations of the "masters" into consideration. Here are two books, written from different perspectives, that will guide you towards the keys to true harmony.


Lagom - Living Better With Less - The Swedish Method by Anna Brones (English edition: Live Lagom : Balanced Living, the Swedish Way, Anna Brones).

Lagom (pronounced "largom") is a concept originating in the Swedish cold that extols the right dose in all aspects of life.


Goodbye, Things: On Minimalist Living by Fumio Sasaki

An idea about essential rights from the land of the rising sun.



At the office


Many people spend most of their time at work, with their colleagues. So if the concept of Slow Life is intended to be relevant to a part of your existence, that should definitely be the case with regard to your professional life.


- Try being the initiator of a "no meeting day."

Avoiding the meeting show one day a week will offer the opportunity of honing your reflective and creative skills. Days without meeting foster concentration and provide time savings of a few hours - which can be used profitably to work on matters of substance.


- Press the "off" button.

The most effective way of passing 8 hours a day at the office is certainly not by immediately responding to all requests. Adjust your work activities to your own rhythm and interrupt intense phases with meaningful breaks. That's an effective way of boosting your performance.

Set aside some 10 minutes for meditation. Download Headspace and Imagine Clarity, put your headphones on, and you'll be on your way to gently recharging your batteries.

If meditation is not your thing, try a mini siesta. If it's not possible to lie down where you work, just close your eyes and enter into your own bubble of silence.



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