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Cheerful Chiaroscuro

#Play With Light

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Julie Ansiau is a photographer who’s essentially known for interiors published in the fashion and lifestyle press. She beautifies any place with her recognizable style. Julie also photographs portraits and ad campaigns, always with that unique signature that can be summed up in three words: gentle, joyous, poetic. What’s her secret? Staging of course, yet more than that her special way of playing with light. Interview.

What is your favorite natural light?


I love chiaroscuro for interiors, soft localized light emitted from one side of an image, like Vermeer. Also, the particular zenithal luminosity that comes from a cloudy sky is something that I find interesting as well. When I’m outside and the sun is low, backlit shots with an overexposed model resulting in a beautiful halo is something I like a lot.

Describe your work


What I do is quite feminine, soft and blissful.  I try to conjugate joy and freshness, beautiful tones, framing, good use of light, and to conserve the art of the image as much as possible, like what Roland Barthes said. There’s got to be some poetry if it’s going to be successful.  And also emotion.

Your photos can always be recognized. What do you think makes them that way?


Difficult question! I generally find that a photographer’s personality is visible in his or her images. If you look at Olivia Bee’s work or Ryan McGinley’s, it’s a bit crazy, a little trashy, and I think they must be like that, with lots of energy and a real attraction for everything on the edge. On the other hand, when I look at my images I think they’re girly, somewhat reasonable… What I’m hoping for is that my work inspires, that my pictures delight and take you away.

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