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Margot Breby’s Pastel World

#Play With Light

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Charlotte Guillemin-Laumonier

Digital agency* social media manager Margot Breby enchants the web with her Instagram** that’s carefree, tender, spontaneous and reflects a certain refreshing innocence. Here she talks about how she immortalizes a moment, a touching detail about life, somewhere between sea and sky.

What’s the story of your IG?  And what’s its story?


When I got my first iPhone in 2013 I discovered the app.  A few months later Instagram contacted me to tell me that they liked what I was doing, that I successfully built a beautiful realm, and that they wanted to promote me.  That’s how my account became known and how I built my community.  I’m not trying to tell any particular story.  It’s just my world, I share my style and what I like.



How did you start taking pictures


I’m not pretentious, I’m not a photographer.  I’m just sensitive to images, what they want to say, what they make me feel.  That’s how I started taking pictures.  To share what makes me reflect and feel…

What are you looking for when you take a picture?


Beauty in the ordinary.  I tell myself to open my eyes to capture something that most people won’t necessarily see.  Marveling at the insignificant, I love to cultivate that naive part of myself.



How do you catch the light?


I often retouch my photos, desaturating and warming up colors.  I’m fascinated by light and shadows, I find those random images very poetic.  I am particularly moved and calmed by the sky, especially the setting sun and also the sea.  I love when my images are tender, simple and serene.



*Matter Paris


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