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#Play With Light

Philippe Azara

What is your favourite time of day to play with light?


It is undoubtedly the sunset, especially at the seaside. The light of dawn also has a rather particular hue, close to sunset.


How does the Isle of Beauty inspire you?


Corsica, especially its landscapes, inspires me because I like to play with the contrast of urban life and the sunsets of the island of beauty in my works.
The landscapes of Corsica soften the aggressiveness of the urban landscapes that I frequent throughout the year through my travels.


How did you start the photo?


I always had a taste for photography, since my youngest age. I started with polaroids, then there was the disposable camera era, but I needed more.
I had my first film at the age of 13 and obviously with the arrival of digital, I succumbed to the fashion. It was also at this age that my colour blindness was discovered...

"The world seen by a colour blind man" says your site, tell us a little more about your vision...


I won't necessarily see the same color (as everyone else) when the intensity or brightness changes! It is often said that colour-blind people have a different perception, it impacts my work especially during post-production, the white balance, the skin tone and the sky are a real challenge for me. On the other hand, when I create a work, I concentrate essentially on the luminosity and vibrance of colours.


Where did the idea come from to "superimpose" your photos to create new ones?


 One night, in the middle of an existential crisis, I couldn't find any inspiration, I was in a city I didn't know, I had done a photography tour, I was fiddling with my camera and I came across the OVERLAY mode, I tried it. At first it was very abstract but I have read a lot about it and I have learned and am still learning to master this technique. I've always wanted to be a painter or a draftsman, with the double exposure, I make my childhood dreams come true. 


Photos : © Philippe Azara


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