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Skin LifeNight Recovery Cream

Lancaster SKIN LIFE Night Recovery Cream is the anti-pollution treatment for enhanced nighttime regeneration while fighting the damaging effects of pollution exposure. While you sleep, your skin is hard at work regenerating itself after a hard day of fighting against daily aggressions. That’s why our formula contains a higher concentration of our patented Oxygen Fix System* providing energy to skin cells for improved regeneration of skin appearance. Our Broad Pollution Complex helps skin fight against pollution damage. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
*also contained in our SKIN LIFE day cream

Gel cream
Gel cream

When do
you need it

Specially developed for women from 25 to 35 years old with urban and modern lifestyles who want to protect their skin from the first signs of aging caused by pollution.
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


After 4 weeks:

Skin is hydrated 86%*
Enhances skin glow 85%*
Wake up with a fresh healthy looking skin 83%*
Provides a moment of cooconing 83%*
Sensation of freshness during application 92%*

*Consumer test on 59 women, percentage of positive opinion after 4 weeks use of SKIN LIFE Night Recovery Cream


Skin is protected against pollution
Skin feels regenerated
Skin is hydrated
Skin looks rested

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