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Total Age CorrectionAnti-Aging Eye Cream & Glow Amplifier SPF15

Looking for an eye cream with anti-aging action that also boosts your natural glow? Let us introduce you to Lancaster's Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Eye Cream & Glow Amplifier SPF15. Our formula helps reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. What's more, the cooling massage application contributes to refresh your tired-looking eyes, making the eye contour appear rested and more luminous.

Lancaster's leading skincare technologies combined in a single tube, now amplified with our latest breakthroughs:

• Amplified Cell Functioning: DNA technology that helps support natural skin DNA repair, now optimized with Epigenetic technology
• Amplified Cell Regeneration: Bi-RetinolTM Complex enriched with soy extract, helps regenerate skin and fight against wrinkles and lack of firmness
• Amplified Cell Protection: Full Light Technology helps prevent dark spots and premature aging
• Amplified Glow: Lumi-complex, made of lightening actives and pearlescent pigments, restores radiance

SPF 15
SPF 15
Eye contour
Eye contour

When do
you need it

Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Eye Cream & Glow Amplifier SPF15 is specially developed for women looking for sensorial and efficient skincare products that target signs of aging around the eye contour: wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and glow.
For all skin types. Specially formulated for the delicate eye contour area. Non-sticky, non-greasy.


After 1 month:

The product protects again signs of aging: 80%*
Dark circles are reduced: 75%*
Helps fight lack of firmness: 76%*
Helps reduce fine lines: 80%*
Refreshes tired-looking eye: 81%*

*Consumer test on 59 women, after 1 month, % of positive opinions, Anti-Aging Eye Cream & Glow Amplifier


Total Age Correction Amplified Anti-Aging Eye Cream & Glow Amplifier SPF15 delivers visible results. Wrinkles around the eyes are smoothed and the eye contour appears instantly more luminous. Full Light Technology protects the eye contour with SPF15. Applied with a cooling massage, our eye cream helps minimize dark circles and puffiness.

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