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Self Tan

Looking for a quick tan without the sun?

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Discover a whole new Lancaster self-tanning experience. A "1-minute express" application in your daily shower that gives an instant beautiful sun-kissed glow. Not only can you do it in the shower, you'll save precious time as it fits into your routine and dries fast so you can get dressed right away. Use daily until you get the result you're looking for, then top up when it starts to fade.


Thanks to exclusive Lancaster Tan Color Adapt Technology you can control your colour by taking it slowly and building a gradual tan over 1, 3, 7 days. Day after day you'll see a real-as-natural golden glow appear, without streaks or orange look so you can show off your fantastic glow immediately.


Escape to your dream destination, any time of year, with Lancaster’s new generation self-tanners that instantly simulate a weekend glow, or holiday tan, without the sun. Beyond a delicious experience, they're designed for optimal results and spread ultra-easily for flawless, even application and finish.


Take your one-way ticket to the sun! An invitation to travel, Self Tan Beauty comes in three shade intensities to match your mood and complexion type, blonde or brunette:

1. Light - Intensity for a gently sun-kissed complexion.

2. Medium - Intensity for a deeper, golden tan.

3. Intense - Intensity for a burnished, bronze glow.

These three sunshiny trips promise you flawless, sun-kissed skin and a tan colour to match your natural skin tone,
without ever a hint of orange! 

Which intensity will you choose ?


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From the first tan-activating sun care products in the eighties to the current work on self-tanners, the colour of your tan has always been a central concern for Lancaster. Our new self tanners carry exclusive Tan Colour Adapt Technology that combines a natural-origin self-tanning agent with melanin to mimic natural tan colour for incredibly realistic results. No-fuss, fast-dry, streakless, with coconut water extract for a dual hydrating-exfoliating action and sensual textures, they guarantee a gorgeous result every time, whatever the season, whatever your phototype. 

Self Tan with no SPF provides no protection from sun exposure.

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Self Tan
Looking for a quick tan without the sun?
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