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Sun Control

Feeling different about the way you tan?

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As time goes by, you feel different about the way you tan. Your tan seems less even, dark spots or wrinkles may appear, as if your skin had become more sensitive to the sun.
Lancaster innovates with SUN CONTROL, a complete range for face and body, to give even the most demanding skin its most complete sun protection and most beautiful glow.

YOU & YOUR TAN (1/2)

We love the sun, but over time our skin seems to like it less. Our tan appears more slowly, less beautifully and the pleasure of sunbathing fades. Now Lancaster gives all demanding skin a renewed taste for the sun and allows it to benefit from the latest technological advances in terms of protection and repair with the SUN CONTROL range: anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot, anti-redness. All SUN CONTROL products carry Full Light Technology, our ground-breaking approach to sun protection that targets the 4 major rays that impact your skin, [UVB + UVA + VISIBLE LIGHT + INFRARED].

YOU & YOUR TAN (2/2)

With sun exposure under control your tan is even and radiant, your skin ready for the next ray of sunshine. For the best possible results team with SUN CONTROL Anti-Aging After Sun Balm, for matchless comfort and repair.


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With SUN CONTROL Lancaster's most powerful anti-aging complex meets their most advanced sun protection ever. 

Full Light Technology targets 100% sun rays, UVB + UVA + VISIBLE LIGHT + INFRARED, to combat all signs of aging that compromise beautiful skin and a glowing tan: dark spots, wrinkles, sensitivity, redness and an uneven complexion. SUN CONTROL comes in versions for face, body, eye contour, SPF 30 to SPF 50+. 
High Sun Protection, protects beyond UVB & UVA from VISIBLE LIGHT & INFRARED rays responsible for premature aging and DNA damage. 
High Protection against photo-aging, with wrinkle formation minimized and irregular pigmentation softened.
High Protection against sun sensitiveness with appearance of redness minimized, skin rehyrated and soothed.



Lancaster recommends applying 365 Anti-Dark Spot serum every day before your sun care product. Combining this serum, morning and evening, with Sun Control SPF 50+ Face, doubles the effectiveness on intensity and number of dark spots, along with complexion radiance. Skin is more luminous and even, appears younger.


*Consumer test on 103 women after 2 week application of Sun Control Face SPF 50+ applied alone under sun conditions,
and 2 week application of 365 Anti-Dark-Spot serum morning and evening + Sun Control face SPF 50+ applied under sun conditions.

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Sun Control
Feeling different about the way you tan?
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