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Skin Technology


With our own research labs and production units, in Europe and the USA, we guarantee the quality and origin of all our formulations and products. Leaders in the field of beauty science for over 65 years, we work with some of the most dynamic and creative scientific minds and have a solid international reputation in anti-ageing and UV-exposure management. 


Beyond step-change DNA technology, Lancaster has often been among the first to introduce major pioneering cosmetology breakthroughs including Retinol, Oxygen, Antioxidants and Infrared technology.


Retinol, or Vitamin A, is essential to skin functioning and widely known as one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients. It was first introduced to cosmetics by the Lancaster labs in 1976 when they identified a unique stable form of Vitamin A that could be integrated in an emulsion base. Since then, Lancaster have identified and/or patented further exclusive systems and carriers to deliver Retinol effectively and gently to the skin. 


Oxygen levels in the skin decrease with age. In 1993 LANCASTER developed the famous A*O*C*S (Asymetric Oxygen Carrier System) technology and became 1st to deliver oxygen to the skin, for renewed vitaltiy, with Skin Therapy Vital Oxygen Supply. Since then the formula has been regularly updated and in its ultimate version our product is able to improve skin oxygen content thanks to a patented O2 fix system able to infuse oxygen into the skin.


Antioxidants are used in skincare to provide protection from free radicals induced by the environment and UV light. Lancaster were among the first to identify both the type and amount of free radicals generated by external factors and developed an exclusive protective antioxidant shield to neutralize up to 95% of them. Regularly updated this patented Antioxidant Complex is a unique combination of plant and fruit extracts.


DNA at the heart of our skin cells is responsible for the beauty and youthful aspect of the skin. Protecting and addressing it is fundamental as DNA damage directly influences the ageing process. We are among the few cosmetics brands to offer DNA action in all our anti- ageing skincare and suncare products. In 2003 Lancaster introduced outstanding technology to protect and repair skin DNA, with 365 Cellular Elixir. With the launch of 365 Cellular Elixir Intense in 2011 came new step-change DNA technology. This addresses ageing at source, not just on the surface, repairing the 3 main forms of  skin damage due to UV, stress and pollution to sustain ideal cell functioning.

Infrared rays

Infrared rays have a higher wavelength than UVB and UVA rays and reach the deepest layers of the skin. Here they may intensify loss of firmness and accelerate photo-ageing. Early on, Lancaster identified the importance of protection in the fight against photo-ageing. Since 2012 they have propelled protection into a new era with unique and exclusive Infrared technology. Included in all Lancaster suncare lines this uses unique physical reflectors to reflect IR rays at the skin surface and neutralizes infrared-generated free radicals with a specific anti-infrared Antioxidant Complex.

When it comes to deciding what creams or lotions to choose, knowing what's in them is key. You expect your skincare to be efficient, to feel good and be adapted to your skin needs. We regularly team up with acclaimed specialists from top institutions around the world and consistently come up with futuristic technology to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful, year in, year out.