Even if you have pale, delicate or sun-reactive skin we have the progressive, gentle tan solution for you. Our high-tolerance SUN DELICATE SKIN range guarantees high level sun filters (SPF50 to SPF50+) ideal for a gradual tan and a powerful soothing complex.




    Sensitive or delicate skin in the sun is something many of us are used to. Others find their skin becomes more sensitive after over-doing sun exposure, or after major life changes. If you're used to limiting sun exposure, or even if you're new to it, Lancaster SUN DELICATE SKIN has just the solution to help you get a light, gradual tan while protecting you from the sun.

    The Products


    Tested by dermatologists and optimizing high, and very high, protection filters with delicious textures, Lancaster SUN DELICATE SKIN guarantees a gentle, progressive tan, with a powerful soothing complex. Whether you choose the Soothing Milk SPF 50 or the Soothing Cream SPF 50+, you can count on our ultra broad-spectrum Full Light Technology that targets 100% sun rays to bring you more protection than ever from Lancaster. With broader-spectrum UVA & UVB photo-stable filters, a patented antioxidant complex* to neutralize free radicals and now reflectors to throw back VISIBLE LIGHT and INFRARED rays, your skin is protected from all 4 sun rays: UVB + UVA + VISIBLE LIGHT + INFRARED. The SUN DELICATE SKIN range preserves skin and its DNA from the negative effects of sun rays. You can also be sure to find sensual textures and a heavenly scent.


    *not in all products