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#Beauty Highlight

Sun Beauty: Luxurious Textures for Premium Sun Protection

At Lancaster we are convinced that sun protection should also be a pleasure to apply.  The Sun Beauty line was developed with the idea of giving skin high quality sun protection with luxurious textures that are as gentle as they are pleasant to use.  A focus on care that will make your summer perfect.

Why choose Sun Beauty?

SPF range

Whatever your skin photo type, you will find appropriate sun care in the Sun Beauty line.  From SPF 10 to 50, effective protection for all skin types.


Unique high tech technology

All of the products in the Sun Beauty line include Full Light Technology which targets 100% of the sunray spectrum:  UVAs, UVBs, visible light and infrareds.

They also contain our Tan Activating Complex, which boosts the natural tanning process allowing for a beautiful Golden Tan.


Luxurious textures

When a treatment is a pleasure to apply, it will be reapplied more often.  That’s why every skin care texture craving can be satisfied in the Sun Beauty line! 

Creamy comfort

Silky Cream SPF15

Velvet Cream SPF30

Comfort Cream SPF50


Silky smooth oils

Satin Dry Oil SPF30 (and SPF50)


Gentle milks

Silky Milk SPF15

Velvet Milk SPF30 

Comfort Milk SPF50

And for Sun Lovers in a rush:  Milky Spray SPF15 (or SPF30)

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