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3 Sun Routines for 3 Summer Destinations


Holidays in Northern Corsica to the rhythm of the music and the waves crashing on the shore during the Calvi on the Rocks festival.


Show off your Golden Tan

In the Citadel, on the sandy beach and in all of your selfies (and don’t forget to hashtag #livewithlight).



Sun Beauty Satin Dry Oil SPF 30

High protection oil that gives skin a satin finish.  Spray it on several times a day (at least every two hours) and your tan will be perfect.



Tan Maximizer Soothing Moisturizer Face and Body After Sun

 After a day under the Corsican sun, apply comfort and relief to face and body.  This cream soothes skin, isn’t sticky and will even make your tan last longer.



A lovely fishing port in the heart of the Calanques which incarnates everything we love about Provence.


Show off your Golden Tan

At the outdoor cafés, while tasting fresh produce at the market and in the vineyards.



Sun Sensitive Soothing Milk SPF 50

Enriched with Sensiboost complex, which helps you to obtain a progressive luminous tan, even the most sensitive skins can tan safely with this milk.



Tan Maximizer Regenerating Milky Gel After Sun for Sun Sensitive Skin

A pleasure to apply, a milky gel that melts into skin, soothing and reinforcing natural resilience with the Sensiboost complex.  It also reduces redness and can be used by everyone with sensitive skin. 



An Italian Riviera gem, colored with incomparable romantic charm.  The perfect setting for Dolce Vita holidays!


Show off your Golden Tan

On the beach, in a cove, while shopping and on a yacht.



Sun Sport Cooling Invisible Mist SPF 30

The perfect spray-on product protects your skin from the brilliant sun shine and cools skin down while your toes go for a dip.  Take note:  Sun Sport isn’t just for physical activity, it’s also great for just lazing around on the beach!



Tan Maximizer Sublimating Oil Repairing After Sun

Once night falls, enjoy a gentle treatment that will make your skin silky smooth, before an evening stroll in Riviera paradise.


>> Discover the Riviera Club all summer long <<

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