Summer means sun protection even in the city. Block skin damaging UV rays with an SPF enriched day cream and enjoy spending time in an outdoor cafe.

And to optimize glow pair your day cream with a protective base before applying makeup.


Perfect combination:

Illuminating Cream SPF 30, Sun Perfect

Highlighting Primer SPF 30, Sun Perfect


On the shore


If you’re planning on a Mediterranean cruise beware of solar reverberation!  Your best bet is the highest level of sun protection to prevent damage.  Complete your morning treatment by applying a tinted fluid that will leave your skin with a natural luminous finish.


Perfect combination:

Illuminating Cream SPF 50, Sun Perfect

Perfecting Fluid SPF 30, Sun Perfect




The pure country air is not to be used an excuse from protecting your skin.  If you prefer slow beauty when you get away from the city try a two-in-one treatment during vacation for optimal results for smooth skin with no overload.


Perfect care:

Illuminating Cream SPF 50, Sun Perfect