L Mag: How many gardens have you realized on the French Riviera?


Jean Mus: In the past 40 years I have designed more than 1500 gardens worldwide with more than a thousand on the Côte d’Azur. That’s a long love affair! Here’s a funny coincidence: I was contacted for this interview and the very first garden I created 40 years ago was in Cannes for one of the founders of Lancaster!


Is the French Riviera always a source of inspiration?

I have a passionate and deep rooted relationship with the Mediterranean Coast.
I live in Cabris and from the village you have a view of the sea, the Esterel Mountains, Cap Martin, about twice a year the Isle of Elba, and sometimes even Corsica. Fabulous sunsets between the olive trees and the cypresses, especially in winter time, unlimited inspiration as a sunset implies the hope of tomorrow and life that will newly reappear yet again.


What are your personal ties to the Riviera?


I was born in Grasse, the capital of perfume. Imagine Eastern Provence, the countryside with fields of roses and jasmine as far as the eye can see, a marvellous garden. I was initiated by my father, he was a gardener. It was meant to be, so all I had to do was nurture it.


Your favorite Riviera spot?


I have infinitely admire Alain Ducasse. He’s a genius who dares, he dusted off that all too “Frenchie” French attitude. Alain is a great representative of Riviera prestige.


What’s your solar mantra?


Improvisation. It allows one to remain creative and imaginative. It’s unhindered freedom and mischief, and it makes people happy.


How about future projects?

I’m working on the gardens of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, as well as projects for private clients in 12 different countries, from China to the USA, and from Morocco to Spain. Yet no matter where I work Mediterranean I shall always remain, even up north!