A sport that stimulates endorphins, the pleasure hormone par excellence, euphoric, chasing the blues away and giving way to the glimmer you deserve. Clear thoughts, radiant smiles…  Aqua bike tones the whole body, burns calories and works your entire cardio vascular system. An alternative for long distance enthusiasts:  running.





Manual movements on the skin liberate oxytocin, the hormone that is often qualified as the “birth hormone.”  It’s the hormone of love and trust in others and it makes us feel good in our environment. In sum, you’ll be socially radiant. Relaxing or invigorating, calming movements, optimized with evocative fragrant oils. An alternative for cocooning buffs:  hugs.





The art that as the saying goes “tames the savage soul.”  It can procure a sentiment of happiness. Increasing dopamine levels in the brain result in feelings of satisfaction and well-being.  And we’re always bright when we’re feeling great. Just what the doctor ordered, play it or listen to it from morning to night, there’s no risk of an overdose. An alternative for fans of silence : mindfulness meditation.