That fashionable detail


A fashion accessory can be as important as the clothes.  The elegance of a look can be measured by the glow it diffuses.

- Put yourself in the spotlight:  embrace signature pieces that affirm your character.



The accessories that make an impact:


Bags.  It’s all a question of proportion so pick a handbag with a volume that corresponds with your outfit.  A bag that’s too big can break or blur your look while one that’s too small might oppose the style of what you’re wearing.  

Necklaces.  Graceful, refined, it will elegantly adorn your neck.  Open your collar or bare your shoulders if you pick a choker, especially if it makes a statement.  And for longer jewelry choose a solid top.



Interior decoration


Without entirely changing your interior, it’s easy to bring a touch of light by replacing a few elements or changing positions.

- Capture the light and give the impression of an airy space by diversifying the size of your furniture.

- Limit dark and flat colors if you have few exterior openings and limited natural light.

- For a warm and reassuring atmosphere play with curves and asymmetry.  The luminosity of nuances and forms will effortlessly appear.



Accessories that make an impact:


Pillows.  A sizeable selection will give your space character.  Opt for motifs with bright colors if your interior is filled with sober and solid colored objects.  On the contrary, pick monochrome fabrics if you already have a mixture of styles.

Wallpaper.  A roll sized vertical stripe is all you need to give a new perspective to a room and create a unique decor.