Warm colors


Glow is always associated with the notion of light and certain colors illuminate with panache.  All warm colors catch the rays, hues from yellow through orange to red.  But just don’t overdo it:  transforming your home and wardrobe into a rainbow can hurt your eyes… 




How to capture the light:



- Associate a maximum of two warm colors together.


- When decorating or choosing an outfit don’t try a total warm color look.  The effect can be overwhelming.






Soft pale shades can reveal a bright transparent glow.  Light tones are far from bland and they capture luminosity, make small spaces seem bigger, and fair complexions radiant.




How to capture the light:



- Instead of neutral white opt for off-white or eggshell and make it creamy and dreamy.


- Try not to mix everything.  Focus on tender nuances to avoid the “marshmallow” look.




A sparkly touch


How about a festive glow?  Gold, rose gold and pearly tints catch the sunrays or any other light. Try it anytime, it’s the gleam that makes all the difference.




How to capture the light:



- Metallic, pearl, wet, sparkles, take your pick.


- To avoid the disco ball effect, use metallic colors in touches.