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Riviera Impressions at Château de la Messardiere

What does “French Riviera” mean to you?

A full-fledged legendary lifestyle.  The Cote d’Azur has so many wonderful things to savor within its many unique destinations and Saint Tropez is a great example.   There’s something chic around every corner in the busy village and also on the coast, on Pampelonne Beach.

How would you describe the sun at the hotel?

Omnipresent.  The Chateau is located at Saint Tropez’s summit, on the hills overlooking the village.  And a sunny place for sunbathing can be found during every minute of the day.

What is the best moment of the day for sunbathing?

The sun is present all day long at Chateau de la Messardiere.  Guests can relax by the pool on the vast sundeck, furnished with thick mattresses and comfortable couches, facing the sublime panoramic view of Saint Tropez.  And pairing perfectly with the sunny weather, guests can enjoy lunch at our outdoor restaurant A Ciel Ouvert for light cuisine and casual dining.

How do guests react upon entering hotel rooms?

Guests are often astounded by the extraordinary contrast between the pure and Mediterranean decor and the azure blue of the sea.  Also, the hotel’s situation gives the impression of absolutely dominating the sea, an incomparable sensation.

Secret places for hotel guests to visit?

Château de la Messardiere is located within a vast 10 hectare domain.  Guests can walk throughout the property, enjoy fauna and flora, and breathe in the Mediterranean fragrances.

The hotel in a word?

Grandiose.  After a stay, the Chateau de la Messardiere leaves a lasting impression of immensity.  And everything is done to impart Messardiere’s charm to our lucky guests.

In a fragrance?


In a sentiment?

Generosity.  Every little attention to every little detail during every instant of a stay.  All day long the staff of 180 is available for guests, anticipating and responding to each and every precious little request, nothing is forgotten.

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