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© Pan Deï Palace
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Riviera Impressions at the Pan Dei Palace

How does the hotel incarnate the French Riviera?

Relaxation is a key to French lifestyle on the Mediterranean and that is what guests enjoy here.  In fact, the Pan Dei Palace is a Saint Tropez and Cote d’Azur historical landmark, an iconic summer home built for a princess in 1835.

The exceptional environment is very French Riviera on another level, created by our all about well-being Pan Dei way of life.


How would you describe the sun at the hotel?

The sun plays an important role, providing warmth that takes you away, perceptible as soon as you see our recognizable yellow ochre façade, accentuating the intimate side of the hotel.  Crossing the reception area one enters through the vegetation where the sun is ever present, just for you, all day long.


How do guests react upon entering the hotel rooms?

Rooms bring guests to places filled with inspiration, the spirit of India, offering a refined luxury experience that is authentic and unique.

Much more than spending a night in a Saint Tropez hotel, we try to make the experience into a voyage going beyond expectations, in which pleasure collides with mystery and serenity nestles in splendor.

What is the best place on the property for admiring the sunset?

During the summer months the sun sets later, so the best way to admire sunset is to book a table poolside at the Dolceva Restaurant.  Ideal for a romantic dinner for two, Chef Marco Garfagnini’s menu in this intimate setting is delightful, the promise of a magical evening.


What is the best moment for sunbathing?

Enjoy the sun’s zenith at Pan Dei Palace.  Start off the afternoon in a cocoon bed, an Indian style lounger beneath the parasols, savor the moment.  Order a smoothie at the lounge before diving into the cool azure waters of the swimming pool.


The hotel in a song?

It would have to be something ethnic and exotic.  A Pan Dei Palace sojourn is a trip to India and a discovery of the cultural riches of the marvelous country throughout history.  Every detail has been conceived for a spiritual journey.

In a word?

Intimate, like a small structure in a special place.  Upon entering the Pan Dei Palace the hustle bustle of Saint Tropez is far away and the hotel’s calm gives the impression of being alone in the world.


In a fragrance?

Amber is especially important at the hotel.  Wherever you may be the evocative aroma will enhance the experience of relaxation. 


In a sentiment?

Devotion, perfectly natural at the Pan Dei Palace.  Everything is done with to make guests feel at home.  We are devoted to them, we treat them like Maharajas.


Prepare your unique trip to the heart of the mythical village of Saint Tropez and get further information about the Pan Dei Palace at

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