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#Play With Light

Clément Dezelus

How did you envision this Lancaster project?

My work is influenced by California style, palm trees and colorful minimalist scenery.  I often work with the color pink and I wanted to bridge that to Lancaster’s iconic orange, a subtle resonance, sunny and sensual.  There’s a Lancaster brand image that was particularly inspiring, a nude woman on a beach simply “dressed” in the shadow of a palm tree.  I played with bright colors, contrasts of shadow and light, palm trees, evoking Palm Springs as well as Lancaster’s Riviera homeland.

What was the creative process for the bottle?


I was thinking about a pink to orange color gradient with a light shaft at the summit, giving that impression of transparency.  Sunrise is like a promise.  It was really interesting because I usually work with sunset, shadows, contrasts, an enigmatic atmosphere, and the Lancaster universe is all about sunrise, bathed in bright colors, soft and glossy like healthy protected skin.  I tried to find the harmonious balance, the yin and yang.


How do you capture the light in your work?


Light defines my photo compositions and illustrations.  My relationship with color is all about light, I play with light composing gradients and contrasts.  I’m particularly fond of the bluish light at sunset, it’s mysterious and sophisticated.


You can find Clément Dezelus's signature on our new summer fragrance and admire his work in his portfolio.

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