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#Play With Light

Kirakira+, glitter or not glitter ?

Last September, Instagram really started to sparkle. Catwalk videos started to shine and crackle as though they were bewitched. Two fashion stars in particular - Eva Chen, the queen of streetstyles and an influencer, and the top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - lit the flame by posting teasers featuring outfits as shiny as a disco ball. It's easy to understand: Kirakira+ offers sparkle filters, 7 altogether, with differing intensities that accentuate anything that's a bit reflective - strass, glass, a mirror... Note that the tool only works for videos.


"The way her clothes looked, covered in sparkling stars, appealed to me.

I loved it, and since then I've been using the app myself."

Stefany Hackbarth

For just a dollar the party's crazier, and the fashionistas are transformed into fairies casting technicolour spells to whoever is within range of their magic wands. According to the blogger Stefany Hackbarth (@lookthatblog, 17.8 k followers on Instagram): "I discovered Kirakira+ thanks to a post by Kim Kardashian. The way her clothes looked, covered in sparkling stars, appealed to me. I loved it, and since then I've been using the app myself. It gives a unique effect to videos and that's a fun and original way to attract the attention of followers." So are you ready as well to transform yourself Tinker Bell the fairy?

Available at the App Store

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