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Antioxydant, Free radicals, Infrared rays… Use this handy guide to find your way around the interesting and inspiring world of Lancaster. On your marks, get set, GLOW!
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Wrinkles, sagging skin, lines: much of what we call skin aging is caused by unprotected sun exposure. 80%, in fact. It doesn’t have to be this way. When you go out in the sun you need to know what you are doing. You need to be prepared, especially with Lancaster, the anti-aging expert for over 70 years.


The cell damage that leads to symptoms of aging is caused by ultraviolet light setting off processes that produce highly reactive free radicals. These react with and damage other molecules, bringing about deterioration in the body. And this is where the ANTIOXIDANT comes to the rescue.


An antioxidant is a chemical that prevents the oxidation of other chemicals. This is generally an extremely easily oxidisable compound that scavenges or “mops up” free radicals before they can attack. The body’s antioxidative defense system consists of many different levels using synergistic actions and substances. Some important antioxidants are vitamins--- Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium---and others are enzymes.



For Lancaster, beauty is every woman’s birthright. Your beauty is as unique as the rest of you. You seek personalized sun beauty that encompasses protection along with natural tanning, and this is what we offer you. By bringing innovative solutions to your beauty needs, we aim to help you discover, develop, and maintain your beauty for a lifetime, in particular under the sun.




Clear signs of global warming include increasing temperatures and higher sun intensity across Europe. As the trend continues, the skin will be exposed to more and more daily UV-radiation. Another good reason to acquire safe-sun habits starting now….



Why is it that on a cloudy day at the beach you still get a sunburn? Due to the scattering of UV radiation by water molecules, fine particles in the atmosphere and reflected by the sand, UV levels can still be very high under cloudy skies.



Collagen is the main protein in dermal connective tissue, and it participates in the biomechanical resistance of the skin. The degradation of collagen leads to the development of wrinkles. That’s why Lancaster sun face creams work on wrinkle prevention and reduction.




The dermis is the layer of skin beneath the epidermis. It contains the capillary blood supply network and consists of connective tissue which supports the epidermis. Unprotected sun overexposure damages the supportive tissue and alters collagen and elastin fibers, leading to accelerated aging signs, with deeper wrinkles that appear earlier.



Beautiful skin, as the mirror of our soul, is also the result of nutrition from  inside and outside.

To maintain beautiful skin and protect it from free radical damage, use the appropriate topical sun protection and practice good sun-sense. As well, eat foods rich in different antioxidants and those containing Vitamin C. And of course, avoid smoking, alcohol, and drink lots of water. 



DNA, or desoxyribo nucleic acid is the molecule of life. It contains the genetic instructions necessary for the construction of every molecule, cell, tissue, and organ of the body. UV radiation can damage DNA within the skin cells, leading to a disruption in their healthy functioning which may be manifested as accelerated signs of aging.



To support repair cellular DNA damage, Lancaster’s exclusive, “intelligent” DNA Repair Complex employs a combination of DNA-repair enzymes naturally present in the skin with damage-reversing photolyases and endonucleases delivered by photosomes and liposomes.




Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that forms elastic fibres, allowing skin to regain its original position when pinched or tugged. Elastin is damaged by UV radiation, resulting in the appearance of signs of aging in the skin.



Do you want to enjoy a natural golden glow? To let your youthful radiance shine out, and the light of life shine in, give yourself the benefit of advanced, personalized Lancaster skin and sun care.



The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. With sun exposure, the epidermis defends itself via the following mechanisms: the Stratum corneum thickens, and melanin is released to absorb and neutralize UV radiation.



This is the Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopic Method, which makes possible the direct identification and quantification of free radicals created by exposure to UV light, smoke, chemicals, and heat. Advanced ESR techniques available at the high-tech Galenus Institute in Berlin have been integral to the advancement of Lancaster’s understanding of the phenomenon of aging.



Human beings have evolved in direct accordance with the sun and its effects upon us. Defensive adaptation linked with ancestral geographical patterns has made it possible for us to enjoy the sun’s benefits while diminishing its dangers. When we travel or live in zones to which we are less adapted, we need the help of science to achieve the same ends.




Free radicals are atomic or molecular species with unpaired electrons, making them aggressively reactive. Free radical-induced oxidation of molecules in the body and free radical damage of DNA both contribute to cell mutations that lead to premature ageing and also to illness. However life itself requires these very fast molecular radical reactions; they are normally balanced by the body’s antioxidative regulation, defense, and repair strategies, minimizing potential damage caused by an excess of free radicals.



A whole new way to keep you covered, unlike any formula we've ever created. Sun protection that targets 100% sun rays to bring you more protection that ever from Lancaster. Beyond broader-spectrum, photo-stable filters, with the ability to protect against both UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays), Lancaster Full Light Technology protection comes enriched with a specific blend of reflectors to throw back VISIBLE LIGHT and INFRARED rays It also contains our patented Antioxidant Complex to neutralize free radicals responsible for accelerated aging.




Only 20% of visible skin aging is genetic. 80% of visible aging is due to sun exposure, pollution, stress, fatigue and lifestyle. Building on decades of sunlight and DNA expertize Lancaster have developed a unique approach to beauty that covers all major aging sources, environmental and biological, 365 days a year.



A highly desirable state of radiant gorgeousness which is one natural result of a beautifully silky, smooth, golden Lancaster tan glow.



An attitude, a feeling, a look that says natural, luminous, gorgeous. Radiant, flawless, even, golden, natural, luminous, healthy...whatever the glow you're after you're sure to find it with Lancaster, pioneering skin and sun care, inspired by the science of light.



The sensual, glowing colour of your fabulous Lancaster tan.




Part of the Lancaster’s patent pending Tan Activator Complex; Heliotan is a cocktail of amino-acids and trace elements that helps stimulate the formation of tyrosinase. Tyrosinase increases the synthesis of tyrosine, an amino-acid whose oxidation supplies melanin, thereby speeding its production.

Heliotan stimulates tanning and encourages the skin’s own natural protection mechanisms.




Theseraysare longer than UVA, UVB and Visible light. They represent more than 50% of the sun light spectrum and alter skin firmness & elasticity.




It has been shown that UV rays stimulate the production of endorphins, resulting in a state of euphoria and, according to scientists, possibly encouraging a form of sun addiction.       




The Lancaster heritage is based on the continual pursuit of knowledge by the scientists in our laboratories, knowledge that emerges in the form of the skincare and sun care that women rely upon for a lifetime of glowing beauty.



Our unique skin and sun solutions target 100% sun rays & aging sources to enhance your natural glow and maximize your golden tan. Light up your Skin. Get the Glow. Lancaster #LiveWithLight



The closer to the equator, the higher the UV radiation levels. In this situation, along with high SPF sun protection make intelligent use of shade: cover up with loose fitting lightweight garments, wear a broad-brimmed hat and good sunglasses.




A natural substance manufactured in the epidermis, melanin is the primary determinant of human skin colour. Produced by melanocytes in the epidermis, melanin protects the skin cells and DNA against UV-derived free radical damage and mutation.


A privileged place on the French Riviera where Lancaster was founded in 1946. A land where the sky meets the sea, bathed in the golden sun and light that inspired the Lancaster philosophy, "Live with Light". A world of elegance and aristocracy, home to Princess Grace. A world where beauty is illuminated by science in our prestigious Research laboratories to light up your glow, 365 days a year.




A privileged place on the French Riviera where Lancaster was founded in 1946.

One where sun, sea and nature combine to rejuvenate body and mind ; where light is brighter, life more sparkling, the future more radiant ; it is here that the Lancaster Research Laboratories continue to build on this prestigious heritage, where advanced technology is founded on a tradition of integrity inspired by the science of light.



The higher you go, the thinner the atmosphere. The thinner the atmosphere, the weaker the filter effect, thus the stronger the UV radiation. With every 1000 metres of increased altitude, UV radiation increases by 12% - 15%. Use high SPF protection and Lancaster Full Light Technology sun care.




Stratospheric ozone fully absorbs UVC radiation and weakens UVB/UVA before it reaches the earth’s surface. As the stratospheric ozone layer thins, the protective filtering effect is reduced. This allows more of the dangerous UVB rays to reach the surface of the earth, with huge implications for skin and eyes.




Know your skin’s own protection requirements; understand Sun Protection Factor (SPF); choose your sun product accordingly; apply it frequently and then enjoy easy freedom under the sun.




It is the human quest for beauty that motivates the quest for a glowing tan, and it is those two quests that motivate the Lancaster scientists’ quest for sun protection that prevents aging while offering a beautiful natural tan glow.




DNA repair is a process constantly operating in every cell of the body, necessary because both normal metabolic activities in the human body and environmental factors such as UV radiation can cause DNA damage. The DNA repair ability of a cell is vital to its normal functioning.



 Lancaster's Radical Protection Factor supplies a measurement index for the power of any substance to neutralize free radicals. Lancaster’s exclusive patented RPF Complex employs a formula based on botanical extracts that mimic the skins multi-level defense system to neutralize the excess free radicals generated by UV radiation and prevent the premature signs of skin aging.

RPF Complex is patented and present in all Lancaster sun care.



The higher the sun is in the sky, the higher the UV radiation level. The highest level of radiation occurs when the sun is at maximum elevation, at solar noon during the summer months.              




The solar spectrum includes a broad variety of electromagnetic waves: UV, divided between UVC, UVB, and UVA light; visible light; and infrared light. The high levels of energy contained in the UV rays penetrate our skin and alter skin cell structure. UVC rays are extremely dangerous, but are completely absorbed by the outer atmosphere.



Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, is an index measuring the level of skin protection against UVB light and UVB-caused sunburn only. It gives an indication for the size of the protective effect of a sun protection product against UVB derived sunburn.



The sun is a ball of burning gas 1 million kilometers across. It dates to 4.5 billion ago and is predicted to continue burning for another 10-30 billion years. Its energy output is estimated to be 386 billion billion megawatts.


The sun gives us light and heat, permits photosynthesis, participates in the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body, cures some types of dermatological problems, and has an anti-depressant effect upon human beings. All life depends upon the sun. Without it, the earth would be a very different place.




Lancaster’s patented Tan Activator Complex stimulates the biosynthesis of melanin in the skin. By increasing the amount of bio-available melanin precursors and also by accelerating the activity of tyrosinase the process of pigmentation is stimulated, resulting in a faster, more intense, and longer-lasting tan glow.



The darkening of the skin is a response to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunshine. A tan is caused by the increased formation and release of the pigment melanin from melanocytes into skin cells, and is a defense measure which protects vulnerable skin tissues deeper down by absorbing harmful solar radiation.



For Lancaster, technology provides the means to achieve state-of-the-art sun protection that makes safe tanning possible.



The Lancaster Tan Inhibitor Complex  is specifically formulated for those who want to maintain a clear, even complexion. This patented technology helps limit melanin production and prevent darkening & uneven skin tone.




UVA rays, with a relatively long wavelength of 320-400 nm, make up about 95% of the ultraviolet radiation we receive on earth. These ultraviolet rays deeply penetrate the skin. Cumulative overexposure without protection is associated with an increased possibility of skin cancer, DNA damage, and signs of aging. UVA does not cause sunburn. The “A” in UVA could also be said to stand for “Aging”, which is why you want sun protection against it.     



These are the rays that cause sunburn and a tan. UVB rays have a short wavelength range of 290-320 nm. 90% of UVB rays are absorbed by ozone, water vapour, oxygen, and carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere. These ultraviolet rays cause rapid damage to the skin, and are associated with sunburn and skin cancer; they also weaken the immune system. The “B” in UVB could be said to stand for “Burning”---something else it is best to protect against.



With a short wavelength of 100-290 nm, UVC rays are entirely absorbed at the outer levels of the earth’s atmosphere. And that is a good thing, because there are no effective filters available.  





The time in the year when many of us receive more UV radiation in a few weeks than we would be exposed to in an entire year.



This is the light we can actually see with the human eye. It goes deeper in the skin and triggers hyper-pigmentation that leads to dark spots.


Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the main source for the formation of Vitamin D, which is essential to the health of bones, muscles, and the nervous and immune systems.





UV radiation penetrates water to a depth of about 50 centimetres, which is why sun protection should be used before and during a swim.



The sun has been worshipped as a god in many cultures, in the form of the Egyptian Ra or Aten, the Sumerian Shamash, the Japanese goddess Amaterasu, and countless others.



Wrinkles, visible signs of lifestyle, age are things you would probably like to avoid. It’s Lancaster job to try to make this possible, as anti-aging and environmental beauty expert.



 Too much unprotected sun will accelerate the appearance of dark spots. Wishing to avoid this, and to combat those already present, we employ high-SPF ultra broad-spectrum Full Light Technology protection (UVA+UVB+VISIBLE LIGHT+INFRARED).




A luminous, youthful glow is something that you can enjoy for far longer, simply by practicing intelligent sun exposure, with Lancaster’s help.




The Lancaster R&D is the recipient of more than 72 patents, and a tireless innovator in the field of cosmetic science. Lancaster R&D plays an important role being recognized worldwide as a leading sun, aging and environmental expert.

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