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Agenda – January 2019


Jump Start 2019 with a Trendy New Year

#Light Style

Under the January Sun

#Places To Glow

Perfect Glow for the Holidays

#Beauty Highlight

Under the december sun

#Places To Glow

Agenda - December 2018


The 5 most beautiful books on the French Riviera

#Light Style

Find your air bubble with Lancaster

#Brand News

Brand News

Find your air bubble with Lancaster

In an increasingly urbanized society, our body, our skin must face daily the attacks of pollution, both indoors and outdoors. What if you had an air bubble to recharge your batteries in the heart of the city? This is what Lancaster has imagined for you.

L Mag 360°x Calvi On The Rocks 2018

Rediscover our L Mag Calvi Special edition in a 360° immersive experience

Discover our products for summer 2018

If we tell you that our favourite season at Lancaster is summer, it's probably not going to surprise you. We love the light, and what better season than summer to grow your tanned complexion and enjoy every minute of the soft feeling of the sun on your skin, while protecting it? It is for all these reasons that we also like to offer you new ranges and new products when the warm weather arrives. And again this summer, we've prepared everything so you can be the most radiant wherever you go.

Lancaster imagines the Summer Advent Calendar

At the beginning of June, the countdown begins and we all begin to count the days between the very first day of summer and the long holiday season, the beach and the quiet hours of sunbathing.

Lancaster live from Calvi On The Rocks July 6-11

We are very pleased to announce that Lancaster is partnering with the Calvi on the Rocks Music Festival for the very first time! Lancaster will be present on the beaches of Calvi throughout the 2018 edition!

French Riviera Crew

Maiana Bertola

All of the inspirational personalities selected for our one of a kind “team” are smitten with the French Riviera. This month L Mag invites Maiana Bertola, creator of the new brand Ensemble, candles made in Grasse, flowers in wonderland…

Mauro Colagreco

Two Michelin stars, ranked number 3 on “The World’s 50 Best” and owner-chef of the first French restaurant on this prestigious list, Mauro Colagreco has also just published Mirazur with Ducasse Editions. In Menton on the Riviera, the Argentine-Italian chef cultivates his vegetable garden and his cuisine in his incredible restaurant, overlooking the Mediterranean, somewhere between sky and sea, appropriately named Mirazur.

Tara Matthews

Indo-British designer Tara Matthews created her brand in 2003 as an homage to Corsica, the place where this globe trotter always returns after spending time on the 5 continents. Her swimwear graces magazine covers like Vogue and all of Hollywood, from Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Gisele Bundchen. Today she is a reference on the most beautiful beaches in the world…

Les Niçois

All of the inspiring figures selected for this one of a kind “team” are infatuated with the French Riviera. This month L Mag invites the dynamic duo from Nice Olivier Chini and Luc Sanane, founders of the Parisian restaurants Les Niçois and The Yacht Club. They also bring that Riviera touch to the dining table with a line of gourmet delicacies complete with logos that we love.

Xavier Girard

All of the inspiring figures selected for this one of a kind “team” are infatuated with the French Riviera. This month Xavier Girard, writer, painter, professor, curator, art critic and author of French Riviera in the 20’s (published by Assouline), reveals his vision of the Cote d’Azur. Photo : © Assouline

Jean Mus

All of the inspiring figures selected for this one of a kind “team” are infatuated with the French Riviera. This month, L Mag invites landscaper Jean Mus, who has created the most beautiful Mediterranean style gardens around the globe. Discover his extraordinary work in two magnificent books, Jardins Secrets de Méditerranée (Secret Gardens of the Mediterranean), published by Flammarion and Jardins Méditerranéens Contemporains (Contemporary Mediterranean Gardens), Ulmer.


Agenda – January 2019

French Riviera inspiration, culture, places and events.

Agenda - December 2018

French Riviera inspiration for December 2018, culture, places and events

Agenda – November 2018

French Riviera inspiration, culture, places and events

Agenda – October 2018

French Riviera inspiration, culture, places and events.

Agenda – September 2018

French Riviera inspiration, culture, places and events.

Agenda – July 2018

Calvi’s particular inspiration can be seen through the most beautiful places and cultural events.

Light Style

Jump Start 2019 with a Trendy New Year

Three fashion and lifestyle ideas to begin the year up to date.

The 5 most beautiful books on the French Riviera

Five mythical and essential books to share the spirit of the French Riviera during the holidays.

Aqualillies: Synchronized Glamour

Synchronized swimmers performing with Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Lenny Kravitz, Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, Arian Grande and Sebastien Tellier…

La Roya

Sunrays slip delicately under the parasol pines. The lapping sound of water on the sandy beach. Facing the green garden, the light of the swimming pool reflects towards the horizon.

Sunglasses and Straw Bags, Pinterest Inspirations

Beautiful weather, sunny weekends. Let’s go to the country or to the shore! How to remain chic when you’re unwinding? Don’t forget your sunglasses and straw bag to be ready for anything, with sunscreen, cover up and book always by your side! Here are our Pinterest favorites for nonstop style.

In Glowing Color

Make that glow shine all around and enhance an outfit or a specific object from your interior. But don’t let yourself get blinded by the intensity, keep those colors in tone. Subtle shades are the key to focusing the light. Just don’t forget the difference between bling and glow: bling has a connotation of excess while glow is all about luminosity.

Places To Glow

Under the January Sun

Want some glow? This month Lancaster takes you to two mythical palaces on the Côte d’Azur.

Under the december sun

Lancaster has selected the most beautiful addresses to spend the holidays and enjoy the mild winter climate on the French Riviera. Photo Credit: © Hôtel Hermitage

Under the November sun

Want some glow? This month Lancaster invites you to embark on two unforgettable cruises to enjoy the sun even in the middle of winter...

Under the October Sun

Want some glow? This month Lancaster takes you to two mythical places in Saint Tropez to enjoy the last rays of the season.

Under the September sun

Want some glow? This month, Lancaster takes you to the island of Hvar in Croatia and a small paradise in southern Italy.

Under the Calvi Sun

Feel like glowing? This month Lancaster takes you to discover two exceptional places in Calvi for a relaxing break between two DJ sets.

Play With Light

Philippe Azara

Corsican photographer based in Ajaccio and'frequent flyer' between London and Los Angeles where he prepares his first exhibition for the autumn, Philippe Azara superimposes the sunsets of the island of Beauty on the graphic lines of the cities he flies over all year long. He tells us about his inspirations light and colors, that only he can see...

Clément Dezelus

Hooray, the warmer weather is on the horizon and we’re thrilled to introduce Lancaster’s new summer perfume: Lancaster Sunrise. A luminous encounter with artist, illustrator and film director Clement Dezelus who was given carte blanche for the visual identity of this new fresh and energetic fragrance.

Brice Compagnon

Many great fashion and beauty companies trust casting director Brice Compagnon with numerous casting calls. He is especially well known for his street casting all the time roving eye, always searching for “the look.” He tells us about what is photogenic, that special aura, and of course light.

Cheerful Chiaroscuro

Julie Ansiau is a photographer who’s essentially known for interiors published in the fashion and lifestyle press. She beautifies any place with her recognizable style. Julie also photographs portraits and ad campaigns, always with that unique signature that can be summed up in three words: gentle, joyous, poetic. What’s her secret? Staging of course, yet more than that her special way of playing with light. Interview.

Margot Breby’s Pastel World

Digital agency* social media manager Margot Breby enchants the web with her Instagram** that’s carefree, tender, spontaneous and reflects a certain refreshing innocence. Here she talks about how she immortalizes a moment, a touching detail about life, somewhere between sea and sky.

Kirakira+, glitter or not glitter ?

In 2015, a small twinkling UFO appeared on Instagram: Kirakira+. The code name kawai for an app that's no less than that. Since the recent Fashion Week, the fashion world has gotten hold of it, and the buzz is on with no less than 70'000 # so far on Instagram.

Beauty Highlight

Resolutions for 2019: Make it Glow

Glow isn’t only for the holiday season. Make your beautiful light shine through all year long with these easy-to-keep resolutions.

Perfect Glow for the Holidays

Parties and sophistication are always part of year end festivities. For the special season your skin deserves to be as radiant as your chic and refined wardrobe. At Lancaster, even in the heart of winter our beauty obsession is glow! Put yourself in holiday mode and let your skin’s natural light shine through, with a little help (of course). Just the right dose of skincare blended with the perfect touch of glimmer, to your heart’s desire.

The Best Winter Skincare is Mix and Match

For beautiful skin, the right products are good but putting them together is even better. Environmental pollution, blue light and UVs are all present in winter even with the low temperatures. Identify the problems and track them down for a glowing complexion even on the coldest days.

Skincare for all Seasons

Between summer sunshine and winter frost, skin will face weather variations which can cause redness, roughness and even dull complexion. For beautiful luminous skin all year round adapt your skincare to seasonal conditions.

Pollution: Protect your Skin

Skin irregularities, dull complexion and redness, all signs of cutaneous reaction to environmental pollution. Time to take action with a daily skincare routine that’s gentle and protects.

Initials B.B

Reveal your glow with Lancaster Guide for an outstanding tan.

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