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Suractif Comfort LiftHigh Intensity Serum

Do you need help to break the time barrier ? We, at Lancaster, introduce you our Suractif Comfort Lift High Intensity Serum. With its highly-concentration formula, with Retinol Matrix Complex, our serum prepares your skin. With an intense lifting, illuminating and comforting actions. Your skin looks revitalized.
After a single use, you will be addicted !


When do
you need it

Specially developped for all women from 55 years old who want to break the time barrier and have a skin lifted, illuminated and comfortable.


After 2 weeks*:
Better outlined face: 82%

After 4 weeks**:
Skin recovers elasticity, firming effect and suppleness: 97%
Lifting effect: 92%

*consumer test on women after 2 weeks
**consumer test on women after 4 weeks


Skin is lifted
Skin is illuminated
Skin recovers comfort
Skin looks and feels firmer

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