The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak


A small town in America in the 1980’s.  Three teenagers live their adolescent lives until the day Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White, one of the most beautiful women on Earth, appears on the cover of Playboy.  Getting hold of a copy of the illicit magazine is absolutely and unconditionally urgent, while one member of the group decides to become a video game programmer.  A pop and vintage novel about an epoch that when we reminisce about it was in fact exhuberant…


Oneiron, by Laura Lindstedt


Seven women from different places and horizons find themselves in a situation that’s as strange as it is immaculate.  And they begin to reveal their stories to understand what brought them all together here.  Are they still alive, even if everything makes them think otherwise?  A rare and unsettling thought provoker.


Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld


Pride and Prejudice fans will love this perfect tale for modern times, in which Elizabeth Bennett still has four sisters and the same misunderstanding with a certain Darcy.  Written by a young revelation of American literature, this romantic timely remake is a great summer read.


The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, by Dominic Smith


A masterpiece painted in 1631 by a Dutch artist is stolen 300 years later, in 1957 in the United States, and replaced by a fake.  In the year 2000 in Australia, the two paintings reappear and the origin of the work of art is uncovered.  Historical and absorbing, the novel is about kept secrets and the mysteries of fate.


How to Break Up with your Phone, by Catherine Price


Vacation is the ideal moment to attempt a little digital detoxification, or at least to stop looking at your phone every minute.  Written by a New York Times science and health reporter, this little guide is a real attack plan without being overwhelming.  It could be worth a try.